Catch RetroStrange TV on New Year’s Day

RetroStrange TV is part of a big new years day multistream thing with some fediverse folks tomorrow! 24 Hours of cool independent creators, streaming one at a time on Radio Free Fedi. See the full schedule on the official page at


It’s Halloween All October Long on RetroStrange TV

RetroStrange Halloween Month is underway! All month long on RetroStrangeTV we’re showing nothing but the spooky stuff. Watch along any time ad-free, tracker-free, surveillance-free. It’s the perfect background to any Halloween party.

Watch now at


Watch Manos: The Hands of Fate and One Step Beyond on Movie Night #47

RetroStrange Movie Night returns this Saturday, September 16th at 5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern with 3 episodes of the classic anthology TV show One Step Beyond and the legendary Manos: The Hands of Fate. Watch-along ad-free, tracker-free, surveillance-free on RetroStrange TV.


RetroStrange Movie Night Is February 18th

Next Movie Night is February 18th, 2023. It’s Hot Rod Night at RetroStrange TV as we debut two all-new features: Hot-Rod Girl (19156) and Teen Age Thunder (1957), part of the explosion of hot-rod and counter-culture films of the mid-late 1950s through the 1960s.

Watch along starting at 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern on Feb 18th, free, at


Sandy’s Super Soft Birthday II

We’re sneaking in a Movie Night this month to say happy birthday to our dear friend and early supporter of Movie Night, Sandy. Come watch zany old time fairy tale shorts and films while you fritter away this precious thing called life. It’ll be fun!

Watch starting 6:00pm Eastern time on


RetroStrange Select For January 2023

The theme for RetroStrange Select (formerly known as RetroStrange Repeater) is the Super Giant / Starman films.

Tune into Select at to catch Atomic Rulers of the World, Attack from Space, Evil Brain from Outer Space, and Invaders from Space all month long!


The 2nd Annual 24 Hours of the Doughnuts Marathon

Our Festivus Marathon begins December 22nd at 8pm Eastern.

Polish your poles and stuff your face with (donut) holes, it’s that time of year once again! Festivus season marks one of our yearly traditions at RetroStrange TV: 24 Hours of The Doughnuts (1963), our favorite mesmerizing short film.

The show begins on December 22nd at 8pm Eastern and runs through December 23rd at the same time. Get yourself some snacks and let yourself be carried away on the waves of the ocean that is The Doughnuts. Join us in the Discord community if you want to say hi.

Watch along on RetroStrange TV during the event at


RetroStrange Repeater is now RetroStrange Select

After a few weeks of operation, we’ve decided to rename our newest streaming channel from RetroStrange Repeater to RetroStrange Select. The curator and I believe this new name fits the intent of the channel more closely, and is less confusing to new viewers.

You can still watch at


RetroStrange Leftoverfest 2022

RetroStrange Leftoverfest is a celebration of the videos that aren’t feature-length, aren’t TV-length, but still have a home here on RetroStrange TV. The 2022 edition will be a rotating cast of EVERY short subject we have in the library! The show starts Friday, November 25th at 9:00am Pacific and runs until Sunday, November 27th at 9:00pm Pacific. Tune in all weekend long on RetroStrange TV Channel One.

See the full list of what we’ll be watching below:

  • Let’s Face It (USA Civil Defense short, 1950s)
  • Older People – British Public Service Announcement (1950s)
  • Brunswick Presents The Golden Years (1960)
  • Vincent Price’s Halloween plans
  • The Doughnuts (AI Upscaled)
  • The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art (Infomercial)
  • NBC Matinee Theater – Dark Of The Moon
  • Safety Patrol (1937)
  • Playground Spirits (1972)
  • ‘Underwater Cable’ and Other Communication News (1938)
  • The Vacuum Tube In Radio (1943)
  • A Magnet Laboratory (1959)
  • All About Polymorphics (1959)
  • Cops (1922)
  • Model Railroad
  • Safety On The Move – Track Haulage Safety (1982)
  • Finding His Voice (1929)
  • Green Cross Code – Tony Gets It Right (1976)
  • Green Cross Code – Close to the Edge (1983)
  • Green Cross Code – Julie Saves a Life
  • Green Cross Code – Blockhead Boy
  • Green Cross Code – Blockhead Girl
  • Green Cross Code 3
  • Green Cross Code 2
  • Green Cross Code 1
  • Skateboard Safety PSA (1978)
  • Circus Kids
  • Skateboard Sense
  • X Marks The Spot
  • Silkscreen Fundamentals (1969)
  • How to Make and Use Dioramas
  • The All American Soapbox Derby (1936)
  • Superman
  • Bears and Man (1978)
  • Millions of Cats (1955)
  • Ghost in the Shed (1980)
  • Wastage of Human Resources (1947)
  • tales_of_tomorrow_15_the_dune_roller_512kb
  • Safety Through Seatbelts
  • Radioactive Fallout and Shelter
  • The Story of OSHA (Censored Government Video) Part 3
  • Betty Boop – Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Rocky Jones Space Ranger
  • Shake Hands with Danger (1975)
  • Public Shelter Living – The Story of Shelter 104
  • Ray Harryhausen’s Rapunzel
  • Ray Harryhausen’s Mother Goose
  • Ray Harryhausen’s Hanseland and Gretel
  • Ray Harryhausen’s Little Red Riding Hood
  • Hired (1940)
  • Fall Protection – Your Lifeline to Safety
  • You Asked For It – Bela Lugosi
  • A Coach for Cinderella
  • What’s It To You
  • Why Not Live
  • The Final Factor
  • Construction Safety – Choice or Chance
  • Keep off the Grass
  • A Moment’s Reflection
  • Emergency Buoyant Ascent – Submarine Training (1957)
  • The Story of OSHA (Censored Government Video) Part 2
  • The Story of OSHA (Censored Government Video) Part 1
  • Cheating (1952)
  • We Drivers (1935)
  • It Ain’t City Music (1973)
  • Safety – Total Loss Control
  • Safety Gear – Foot Protection
  • Safety Gear – Eye and Face Protection
  • Safety Gear – Hand and Arm Protection
  • The Three Robbers
  • The Happy Prince
  • Whatever is Fun
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • UB Iwerks’ The Big Bad Wolf
  • Hansel and Gretel – An Appalachian Version
  • Duck and Cover
  • Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951)
  • The Corrections Officer – If You Are Taken Hostage
  • A Safety Belt for Susie
  • Farm Petroleum Safety
  • One Got Fat (1963)
  • Safety – Harm Hides At Home
  • Fire! Patty Learns What To Do (1951)
  • Your Guardian Angel
  • Working Safely in the Shop
  • Safety Demonstration on the Wood Lathe
  • Six Murderous Beliefs
  • Front-end Loader Safety
  • The Doughnuts
  • The Bottle and the Throttle.mpeg
  • The Electric Eel.mpeg
  • Way Stations in Space.mpeg
  • Case Of The Screaming Bishop
  • The Emperor’s Oblong Pancake
  • Ghost Rider.mpeg
  • Danger Zones
  • Suddenly In Command
  • Safety Gear – Hearing Protection
  • Safety – In Danger Out of Doors.mkv
  • Biography of a Redwinged Blackbird
  • Wild Fowl In Slow Motion
  • Your Life Work Series – the Woodworker (1940)
  • Three Little Kittens (1938)
  • This is Coffee (1961)
  • Television Remote Control (Tuner) (1961)
  • Zip Codes with the Swingin’ Six
  • Sound Recording and Reproduction (Sound on Film) (1943)
  • Sound Waves And Their Sources (1950)
  • Taking the ‘X’ out of X-Rays (1940)
  • Sky Billboards (1935)
  • Your Life Work Series – Radio and Television Waves
  • Television An RCA Presentation (1939)
  • Your Life Work Series – Television and Radio (1940)
  • The RCA 16mm Sound Projector
  • Private Life of A Cat (1947)
  • Poultry on the Farm (1937)
  • On the Air (1937)
  • More Dangerous Than Dynamite
  • How the Ear Functions (1940)
  • How the Eye Functions (1941)
  • The Helicopter (1953)
  • The Chicken of Tomorrow (1948)
  • Americans At Work – Bookbinders (1961)
  • Back of the Mike (1938)
  • Behind the Lens (1940)
  • Bee City (1951)
  • Breakfast Pals (1939)
  • Safety and The Supervisor (1978)
  • Birds of Prey (1938)
  • Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape!
  • The Conquest of Light (1962)
  • Animals in Modern Life (1937)

The fun starts Friday, November 25th, at 6am Pacific time. Tune in for old filmstrips, vintage cartoons, safety videos, and other deeply weird ephemera.

Meta Posts

RetroStrange Repeater

RetroStrange TV launched officially on March 31st, 2021 (the day before April Fools, of course). Today we’re announcing the first big addition to RSTV since it’s launch: A new separate channel called Repeater located at

RetroStrange Repeater is your window into The Real Good Shit. A 24/7 stream of repeating showcase content such as the newest movies and shorts we’ve added to our main channel, RetroStrange Channel One (The Feed).

Repeater will loop our latest features The Bat (1959) and First Spaceship on Venus (1960) for 1 week, so tune in if you missed those features on Movie Night. Next Sunday Repeater will switch over to horror content with new featured movies for the whole month of October.

There’s a new page on the site so you can find either channel at your leisure: Just hit up and you’ll find the channel picker.