Next RetroStrange Movie Night IRL: 9/14/21

Thanks to Chuck at On Base Productions for pitching in on the poster.

The next RetroStrange Movie Night will be once again broadcasting live from The NODE in Downtown Niles, MI. We’ll be taking in the first in the classic Gamera films- Gammera The Invincible. Showtime is 7pm local Michigan time, and we’ll be broadcasting live on RetroStrange.TV.

This Tuesday (8/31): RetroStrange IRL

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This Tuesday, the first ever RetroStrange IRL will be taking place at The NODE in downtown Niles, MI. This one is a long time coming! We’ll be showing the Starman feature __Atomic Rulers of the World__ projected live, and streamed at the same time on RetroStrange TV both at 7pm local Niles time, 4pm Pacific!

RetroStrange Backgrounds Vol. 1

See attached, two flavors of RetroStrange logo tiled backgrounds in two different sizes for your laptop, desktop, tv, or phone use.

Use them only for good, or for awesome.

RetroStrange Movie Night #25: The Phantom Planet (1961), The UFO Incident (1975)

Next episode of Movie Night on Saturday May 15th features a couple of movies about UFOs and aliens. First up is The Phantom Planet, which you may recall from MST3k Season 9.

Closing out the show will be James Earl Jones in what Noah called “The most socially relevant UFO movie you’ll see.”

Just two episodes remain in Season 1 of RetroStrange Movie Night! We’ll be taking a hiatus after Episode 26. Subscribe to our Twitch to make sure you don’t miss out.

RetroStrange Movie Night #23: The Mysterians (1957), Gamera .vs. Gyaos (1967)

Howdy Strangers! Our next RetroStrange Movie Night on April 17th 2021 features more of the giant Japanese monsters we love so much. We’re going back to that sweet sweet Tokusatsu, with The Mysterians AKA Earth Defense Force (1957) and Gamera .vs. Gyaos (1967).

This episode will be simulcast on Twitch and RetroStrange TV starting at 7pm PDT.

Discord invite link: